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CCTV Drain Survey
By using the latest CCTV Drain Survey technology, we are able to explore the pipework beneath your property and identify any issues. This could highlight problems such as blockages, damage and rodent infestation.
Whether you're experiencing drainage problems or simply want a comprehensive survey of a property's existing system, a CCTV Drain Survey from AAA Drainage can provide you with a comprehensive report within 72 hours.
Camera Survey's can be performed as part of an extensive pre-purchase investigation survey. So if you are looking to buy a new home or property for your business and want to establish the structural integrity of the building and surrounding sewage systems, AAA Drainage can help.If you're planning on buying a new property, our pre-purchase CCTV Drain Survey is the ideal way to discover any possible drainage problems.
 This unobtrusive service will provide you with an understanding of any issues that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.Our CCTV Drainage Surveys will be able to highlight any potential issues within your drainage system and could help you to save money further down the line. We also understand that time can be critical in these situations, which is why we aim to deliver all findings within three working days.If problems are detected during a CCTV Drain Survey, AAA Drainage will be able to offer you a competitive quote for any necessary repairs.
We may also suggest alternative solutions, which might include simple excavation repairs or full soakaway replacement or the upgrading of an existing septic tank to a sewage treatment plant. All quotes and surveys come with no obligation to carry out any recommended repairs.
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